How To SSL or Enable SSL on IIB WMB Broker Message flows

Well this should be very simple in few steps. 

Your Requirement :- You are hosting a web service or invoking a web service in IIB or from IIB ( WMB) which will use HTTPS protocol instead of default HTTP. 

In order to use HTTPS protocol on message broker or IIB , you need to follow below 2 steps. 

  1. Enable SSL on your Broker.
  2. Enable SSL on your Integration Server or AKA Execution group. 

Enable SSL on Broker : - Use following command on your broker console on Windows or On AIX simply run the command with your broker user with proper permissions. 

mqsichangeproperties IB9NODE -b httplistener -o HTTPListener -n enableSSLConnector -v true

Where IB9NODE is the name of your Broker. 

Enable SSL on your EG where your service is running : - following command 

mqsichangeproperties IB9NODE -e default -o HTTPSConnector -n sslProtocol -v SSL

Now Stop your broker using mqsistop <broker Name> command and then Start broker using mqsistart <BrokerName> Command. 

That's it . Now your broker is enable to handle basic https requests. 

Do let me know in comments if you are facing any issue with this.


  1. I'm getting below error while trying to execute the second command.

    BIP1295I: Integration node 'SMD.PRF.IIB.01' is an active multi-instance or High Availability integration node that is running on queue manager 'SMD.PRF.QM.IIB.01'.
    BIP8071I: Successful command completion

    mqsichangeproperties SMD.PRF.IIB.01 -e default -o HTTPSConnector -n sslProtocol -v SSL
    BIP8039E: The integration server is not available.
    The integration server could not be found; it may have been deleted by the Integration Toolkit or a CMP application.
    Use the Integration Toolkit or a CMP application to see if the integration server exists.

    1. Hello Sorry I missed this comment, were you able to solve the issue ?


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