How To Connect To Integration Node/Broker from Java IBM Integration API - How To Override the UDP Using Java Integration API

Ok lets get to the work.

We are going to use the Integration API to achieve this task from 'Java Compute Node' from IIB 10 Toolkit.

Below is sample flow

And code inside java compute  node -

// Add user code below
            BrokerConnectionParameters bcp = new IntegrationNodeConnectionParameters("localhost",4416);
                 BrokerProxy b = BrokerProxy.getInstance(bcp);
                 ExecutionGroupProxy e = b.getExecutionGroupByName("default");
                 ApplicationProxy a = e.getApplicationByName("UDPViaJavaApp");
                 MessageFlowProxy m = a.getMessageFlowByName("UDPChangeViaJAVA_MF");
                 m.setUserDefinedProperty("hostName", "localhost:555");

            // End of user code
            // ----------------------------------------------------------

I suggest you to try by yourself but if you don't want here is the code you can download from -

Download Integration PI


  1. Thanks a lot Satendra! The sample is working like a charm. Able to access and update UDP of a remote broker application as well.


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