How To SSL or Enable SSL on IIB WMB Broker Message flows

Well this should be very simple in few steps. 

Your Requirement :- You are hosting a web service or invoking a web service in IIB or from IIB ( WMB) which will use HTTPS protocol instead of default HTTP. 

In order to use HTTPS protocol on message broker or IIB , you need to follow below 2 steps. 

  1. Enable SSL on your Broker.
  2. Enable SSL on your Integration Server or AKA Execution group. 

Enable SSL on Broker : - Use following command on your broker console on Windows or On AIX simply run the command with your broker user with proper permissions. 

mqsichangeproperties IB9NODE -b httplistener -o HTTPListener -n enableSSLConnector -v true

Where IB9NODE is the name of your Broker. 

Enable SSL on your EG where your service is running : - following command 

mqsichangeproperties IB9NODE -e default -o HTTPSConnector -n sslProtocol -v SSL

Now Stop your broker using mqsistop <broker Name> command and then Start broker using mqsistart <BrokerName> Command. 

That's it . Now your broker is enable to handle basic https requests. 

Do let me know in comments if you are facing any issue with this.

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  1. I'm getting below error while trying to execute the second command.

    BIP1295I: Integration node 'SMD.PRF.IIB.01' is an active multi-instance or High Availability integration node that is running on queue manager 'SMD.PRF.QM.IIB.01'.
    BIP8071I: Successful command completion

    mqsichangeproperties SMD.PRF.IIB.01 -e default -o HTTPSConnector -n sslProtocol -v SSL
    BIP8039E: The integration server is not available.
    The integration server could not be found; it may have been deleted by the Integration Toolkit or a CMP application.
    Use the Integration Toolkit or a CMP application to see if the integration server exists.

    1. Hello Sorry I missed this comment, were you able to solve the issue ?