AMQ7017: Log not available | Queue Manager Not Getting Start | Queue Manager Active Log files got deleted

If you are not able to start queue manager and getting the Log Not Available error or if you have accidentally deleted queue manager log files which are there in QM/Active directory then follow the following process.

1. Create Same queue manager in another server with same configuration as your currently stopped queue manager.

Configuration - You can find it qm.ini file in your current queue manager which is not running

2. Copy the log files from new Queue manager / Active and paste them into Old queue manager /active location.

3. Copy amqhlctl.lfh from new queue manager's location - /var/mqm/log/QM and pate/replace it into old queue manager /var/mqm/log/QM location

4. Restart the queue manager using strmqm or restart the broker using mqsistart broker name.

Note - Make sure to take backup of qm.ini , active logs and amqhlctl.lhf file from old queue manager before replacing anything from new queue manager.

If still same error - then please make sure that you have given the correct permission to the log files and amqhlctl.lfh file

Hope it helps. All the best.